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Pecorindo sardo maturo

Aged Pecorino Sardo


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Aged pecorino cheese is the most beloved among Sardinian cheeses, exported all over the world together with its young, sweeter version. Aged pecorino has a smooth, thick crust, ranging close to brown in colour. On the contrary, its paste is light and compact. The distinguishing trait of the aged version is its strong, spicy taste, while younger versions are milder and sweeter.

Pecorino Sardo is the gem of Sardinian food tradition and our aim is to preserve this tradition, defending it from counterfeiting and unpatented imitations. To do so, we decided to foster local cheesemongers who dedicate their hearts and souls to nurture Sardinian cheese tradition. Each and every wheel sold by Sardinia Food District is made in compliance with the Protected Designation of Origin regulations and carries the mandatory blue label specific for aged pecorino-cheese.

17,00 €
  • 600gr
  • 1,2 Kg
  • 2,4 Kg (forma intera)

History, features and production area of aged Pecorino cheese

The history of Sardinian sheep’s cheese dates back to a very long time ago. The cheese you can taste nowadays is so widely renowned as to be often underestimated, although enclosing a thousand-year-old history. Sardinian sheep cheese’s godparents are mainly three different types of cheese, which once were simply named after their distinctive colour: White, Red and Smoked, made by plunging white-hot stones into raw sheep milk.

Now the production of this cheese is regulated by the prestigious Protected Designation of Origin label, which requires it – both in its sweet and aged version - to be made out of Sardinian sheep milk only, first pasteurised and then fermented with enzymes and calf rennet of local production. The curd thus obtained is cooked at max. 43 degrees Celsius, put into moulds and stewed, then salted. The PDO procedural guidelines require also that aged pecorino has a 1-2,3 kilos weight, 8-10 cm height and smooth crust.

Always pay attention to the mark engraved on the crust because it is the only warranty you are buying authentic Pecorino Sardo. The PDO label is engraved and circled by the cheesemaker’s identification number plus the acronym ‘PS DOP’. The blue label differentiates aged pecorino cheese from sweet pecorino cheese.

Cheese & wine: how to use and match sweet Pecorino cheese

Aged Pecorino Sardo has a narrower range of possible food uses than its younger variant due to its more markedly spicy taste and compact paste. It is thus generally consumed in purity or grated on homemade pasta and stuffed vegetables.

As far as wine matching is concerned, the best choice would be to accompany aged pecorino with medium-aged red wine, such as Cannonau DOC. On the beer side, you can opt for Tripel or Saison beers: the former because they can perfectly stand their ground against the strong taste of pecorino, the latter because of their spicy notes, which enlighten the savour of cheese

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