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Pecorino sardo dolce

Sweet Pecorino Sardo


15 Items

Pecorino-cheese needs no introduction whatsoever: this sweet fresh cheese is renowned well across Europe. Its distinctive white-yellow, smooth, fine crust encloses a soft compact paste which melts right on your tongue, leaving behind a persistent sweet and delicate aroma.

Sardinia Food District’s network of cheesemakers provides you with fresh pecorino-cheese made in compliance with the standard set by the official procedural guidelines. Each and every wheel carries its own Protected Designation of Origin label and a green indicator which is specific for “sweet” pecorino-cheese.

18,00 €
  • 600gr
  • 1,3Kg
  • 2,6Kg (forma intera)

History, features and production areas of sweet Pecorino cheese

The history of Sardinian sheep cheese dates back to a very long time ago. The cheese you can taste nowadays is so widely renowned as to be often underestimated, although enclosing a thousand-year-old history. Sardinian sheep cheese’s godparents are mainly three different types of cheese, which once were simply named after their distinctive colour: White, Red and Smoked, made by plunging white-hot stones into raw sheep milk.

Now the production of this cheese is regulated by the prestigious Protected Designation of Origin label, which requires it to be made out of Sardinian sheep milk only, first pasteurised and then fermented with enzymes and calf rennet. The curd thus obtained is then broken into grains the size of a hazelnut, cooked at low temperature and in the end put into moulds and stewed. The DOP procedural guidelines are also strict about the quantity of salt which may be used (not more than 2 grams per 100 grams of product).

Counterfeiting is sadly a common situation, but you can easily recognize authentic Sardinian pecorino-cheese by its crust, where the DOP label is engraved and circled by the cheesemaker’s identification number plus the acronym ‘PS DOP’. The green label differentiates sweet pecorino cheese from aged pecorino cheese.

Cheese & wine: how to use and match sweet Pecorino cheese

Thanks to its sweet flavour and its medium-hard consistency, sweet Pecorino has a wider range of applications than its aged variant. For instance, it can be used in lieu of cheese-based stuffing for turkey, chicken and vegetables and it also suits many traditional Italian dishes like lasagne and crespelle.

A typical Sardinian Sunday lunch will see on your table a plate of malloreddus, a type of pasta also known as ‘Sardinian gnocchi’, grated with pecorino cheese, parmesan cheese and just a hint of pepper. This dish is perfectly matched by fruity white wines, which are in tune with the cheese’s aroma, like Vermentino di Sardegna DOC.

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