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Caciotta sarda

Caciotta sarda


Black pepper grains are added to this Sardinian pecorino cheese to get a sharp taste which is ideal for those who love strong flavours. This cheese is perfect to conclude or begin your dinner and awake your senses. Pepato suits every occasion – it is a must have product for cheese lovers.

Ageing really makes the scent of black pepper stand out: the moment you bite a chunk of this cheese off, you will perceive its strong spicy notes. Want to amaze your guests setting up a perfect Italian-style aperitivo? Then get Pepato cheese online on Sardinia Food District!

History, features and production area of Pepato

Pepato cheese is produced throughout Sardinia out of whole native sheep’s milk. It is a typical aged pecorino cheese, following the same production process as all other sheep’s Sardinian cheese. Milk is pasteurised and then inoculated with kid rennet, the curd is fragmented to expel serum and put into stewing basket to complete its drying up process. During this phase black pepper grains are added. Salting in brine follows.

Ageing goes from 3 to 8 months; what you get in the end is a pale yellow crusted wheel featured by creases which are given by the cane baskets used for modelling. Unlike traditional aged pecorino cheese, the paste is more compact, white in colour.

We recommend to keep Pepato in your fridge at 2-4°C, so to avoid ruining the smell and flavour of the cheese. If kept well, that is to say vacuum-sealed and put into the freezer, this sheep’s cheese can be preserved up to 7 months.

Cheese & wine: how to use and match Pepato

People generally eat this cheese in purity: that means they cut it into thin slices and eat it alone or with a simple leaf of bread. Nonetheless, it was revealed how Pepato is the perfect product to add personality to traditional poor dishes. For instance, it can be grated on pasta with broccoli, a very typical Southern Italian first course dish and used to enrich chicken casseroles or stuffed vegetables.

As far as wine is concerned, the best match are strongly aromatic wines, as Pepato itself is very intensely fruited. Aglianico del Vulture DOC, with its black cherry scent and Cannonau di Sardegna DOC, resonating with ripe cherry perfumes are both good matches for this cheese, good for informal dinners and parties.

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