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Pecorino di Nule

Pecorino di Nule


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This aged sheep cheese is named after the town where it is produced, in the province of Sassari. The process is perfected inside a dairy with an adjoining salting cellar that were built by the regional authorities. The cheesemakers who work there make this pecorino cheese according to very old traditions, dating back to several centuries ago.

Available in limited quantity only, it has a minimum ageing of 60 days which deprives it of its lactose content. It is a half-cooked hard-paste cheese usually consumed as a stand-alone dish, at the beginning or at the end of dinner.

18,00 €
  • 700 gr
  • 1,4 kg
  • 2,8 kg (forma intera)

History, features and production area of Pecorino di Nule

The town of Nule is renown in Sardinia and abroad for its established fortune in the production of sheep cheese ever since the XVIV century: in fact, it is mentioned even in a Geo-historic commercial dictionary written by His Majesty the King of Spain, who cited this cheese as the most important benchmark for agricultural and livestock products. The sheep who give milk for this cheese are raised on green prairies crossed by streams of water – a land perfect for livestock.

In recent days Pecorino di Nule was awarded the P.A.T. denomination for agricultural products of local tradition – in fact, it is produced only in this area in compliance with ancient methods and techniques. Whole sheep’s milk obtained at two different times of the day is warmed up to 35-39°C and then coagulated. Curd is then separated into grains the size of rice, thus pressed into moulds. The final salting process can be in brine or of the dry type.

‘Casu de Nule’, as it is called in Sardinia, shows a white-to-pale-yellow paste, thin crust and cylinder shape. In its smell as well as in its taste it recalls the odour of sheep’s milk, while ageing gives the cheese very sharp spicy accents.

Cheese & wine: how to use and match Pecorino di Nule

This half-cooked cheese is traditionally consumed in purity. The best way to savour it is to serve it in slices on a cutting board, accompanied by cured meat, salami, mustard and jam to share.

As far as wine is concerned, it is recommended to match the very complex taste of this pecorino cheese with full-bodied red wines, rich in perfume and tannic acids, like Cannonau DOC. You may also choose to match it with beer: in this case, we strongly recommend Trappist beers and barley wines.

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