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Fiore Sardo


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The Fiore Sardo is a raw sheep’s milk cheese fully representing the excellence of Sardinian cheeses. Its notable yellow-to-dark-brown crust is matched up by a crumbly compact paste, whose shade ranges from white to pale yellow depending on ageing.

Once aged for 6 months, this DOP-awarded cheese can be grated on pasta or soups. Before that, it may be used in lieu of a traditional second course dish, accompanied by dry wines which can balance its overwhelming fat feeling. Fiore Sardo is featured by agreeable smoked fragrances given by its production process, which involves wood-burning fire.

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History, features and production area of Fiore Sardo

The Fiore Sardo is a sheep cheese of ancient origin, made in every Sardinian district. Its production dates back to XVIII century, when the Fiore Sardo was the most widespread cheese on the Island. The Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) was awarded in July 1996 and from that moment on only Sardinian cheese made in compliance with DOP rules can carry the name ‘Fiore Sardo’. Rules regard:

-          Raw materials: it is compulsory to use sheep whole milk obtained by native Sardinian cows, while curding can be made using lamb or kid rennet;

-          Salting process: dry salting only, followed by a post-salting period in brine;

-          Shape and weight: double-trunk conical shape, weight varying from 1.5 to 4 kilos.

Fiore Sardo, which literally means ‘Sardinian Flower’, is named after the wooden tools which have been used up to modern age to give it its typical shape: they were named pischeddas and a flower was engraved on their bottom. Still today this fragrant raw milk cheese’s production process follows ancient techniques where the cheese-maker’s sheer ability and attentiveness are crucial to give cheese its distinctive flavour.

Cheese & wine: how to use and match Fiore Sardo

A medium ageing makes this DOP-awarded cheese the perfect Italian-style second course dish. Also, you can taste it at the end of a light dinner to fully enjoy its array of scents and flavours. Its persistent grass-like, animal-scented, smoked odour is underlined and perfected, in long-term ageing, by accentuated salty, bitter and sour notes which make Fiore Sardo ideal as a grate cheese.

Its lively fat component makes it the ideal company of dry red wines, speaking of which a good suggestion among Sardinian products may be the Cannonau or the Mandrolisai. Out of Sardinian borders, you can match this cheese with a Brunello di Montalcino or a Montepulciano.

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