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It looks like ham, but it definitely is not: Callu de Cabreddu is an aged cheese made out of lamb stomach skin, rich in taste and aromas that range from sweet to spicy to bitter - each mouthful a symphony of taste!

Its consistency is also variable, as it changes depending on ageing: when young, Callu de Cabreddu is like a cream cheese, ready to be spread on bread, then its paste gets thicker and thicker until it becomes as hard as suffices being sliced. A strong, intense cheese and a very precious one, indeed: it is very hard to find, so don’t miss the chance of buying it on Sardinia Food District and share us your thoughts!

4,90 €
  • Conf. da 500 gr. (Ovino)
  • Conf. da 500 gr. (Caprino)

History, features and production area of Callu de Cabreddu

Known in Sardinia with many name variants (callu de cabreddu, callu de crabettu, crazu de crabittu…), this cheese testifies how good Sardinian people are at sorting things out when life is letting them down. Making a virtue of necessity, Sardinians started to make this cheese to preserve the fresh milk contained in the kid’s abomasum, the fourth stomach of lactating ruminants, knotting it up and seasoning it in cellars.

Besides the jam-looking appearance, this cheese’s main peculiarity is the way it is made. It is in fact a ‘reverse’ cheese, because the abomasum, whence it is generally extracted the rennet used in milk coagulation for cheese-making, is the king of the stage here. You will need to peel off the abdomen, though, prior to eating Callu de Cabreddu: inside you will discover a creamy paste or a hard, crumbly one depending on the ageing.

As already mentioned, this cheese’s taste is strong and varied: your mouth will be delighted with sweet notes turning abruptly into spicy and, at last, bitter ones. All of them are connected by this persistent, though not unpleasant, sour chorus. When the milk is not filtered appropriately, you may also find some goat’s hair that the kid sucked together with milk. It is certainly not a cheese which will please anyone’s taste, but it will remind you how people once lived, managing to create extraordinary products out of utter misery.

Cheese & wine: how to use and match Callu de Cabreddu

The complexity of flavours and aromas of callu de crabittu cannot be surely contaminated with anything else, so our recommendation is to eat it in purity. Some carasau bread or other non-salted types of bread may help you soften its strong taste.

Regarding wine matching, we advise you to choose full-bodied red wines, which can pair this goat’s cheese’s intense taste: for example, the Sardinian Cannonau wine may be the perfect match for Callu de Cabreddu. We also recommend a plain cheese & wine tasting, without any other course following, to fully enjoy the savour both of wine and food.

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