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At the very end of fall, Sardinian cows give a very particular kind of milk which is full of aromas and is used in the production of Fresa, a cheese featured by a soft, butter-like consistency similar to the one of stracchino cheese. It is made in Nuoro and Oristano only.

Its taste is slightly acid and the consistency is creamy, making it easy to spread Fresa cheese on bread. An absolute must-have for your kids’ afternoon break: don’t miss the chance of having a taste of this special cheese, awarded with the P.A.T. label, which is given only to selected artisanal, local products. You won’t find it anywhere else!

History, features and production area of Fresa

According to P.A.T. regulations, Fresa cheese is made by artisanal cheesemongers located in the provinces of Nuoro and Oristano. Cow’s milk is coagulated with calf rennet and then transferred into moulds to be pressed and get its distinctive round shape.

After the salting process and only when the weather allows to do so, the wheel is wrapped in a clean cloth e left outside to dry up. This process has variable duration: depending on it, the colour of the crust can range from vivid yellow to pale yellow.

Fresa cheese is a completely artisanal cheese and a distinctly seasonal one also, because it is made out of the last milking before winter. That is why you will find on our shop only a limited amount of wheels, making this cheese a very exclusive product.

How to cook and match Fresa with wine

Fresa is a fresh and delicate cheese, so the best way to eat it is in combination with not very strong food so as not to cover its flavour: green salads, tomatoes, fresh vegetables and the like. In Sardinia, Fresa is often eaten with a Sardinian durum wheat bread added with boiled potatoes which is named moddizzosu. You can also fuse it in a pan and eat it just like that.

Same rule applies to wine matching: it is advisable to choose delicate wines which can help freshen your mouth up after eating cheese. One good matching coming from the Island is Vermentino di Sardegna, a DOC white wine with sour notes. If you prefer beer, then go for a Berliner Weisse.

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