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Casizolu del Montiferru

Casizolu of Montiferru


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This funny pear-like cheese discloses a very intense variety of herbal, milky and almondy aromas given by the usage of vegetal rennet. It is a Slow Food product made with cow's milk according to ancient traditions which are a strict prerogative of the Casizolu of Montiferru.

It is a spun paste cheese produced in the province of Oristano with native Sardinian cows' milk by a small bunch of cheesemakers whose work is protected and supported by institutions. With ageing it becomes more and more sapid and spicy, while herbal aromas start to feel very distinctly. Choose it today on Sardinia Food District: you won't find it anywhere else!

20,20 €
  • 1 Kg (intero fresco)
  • 2,1 Kg (intero stagionato min. 30gg)

History, features and production area of the Casizolu of Montiferru

The history of the Casizolu of Montiferru traces back to a few hundred years ago, more specifically to the 14th century. This cheese was traditionally made by women, who had more time than men - busy as shepherds in the open fields from dusk till dawn - to spare to its production.

Why is Casizolu del Montiferru so hard to make? Well, first of all it involves the usage of milk coming from a specific breed of Sardinian cows who have a low milk production level. The fact of using this specific milk is crucial to Casizolu's taste, as it gives it all its distinctive herbal and wooden aromas. The same milk is employed in the production of the Fresa cheese.

Secondly, it is necessary to spend many excruciating hours with your hands deep down in hot whey until you get the right consistency of paste for Casizolu of Montiferru. The curd is then spun also manually with a putty knife which is needed to give this cheese its pear-like shape. A very delicate phase that requires the utmost dedication and attention and allows this cow's milk cheese to turn out unmistakably unique.

Cheese & wine: how to use and match the Casizolu of Montiferru

People generally consume the Casizolu of Montiferru au naturel, but it also provides the perfect added flavour to first course and second course traditional Sardinian dishes, like the zuppa gallurese. Its creamy and melting paste also adapts to the filling of sebadas, a typical Sardinian dessert with the shape of a big dumpling.

When tasted naturally, the Casizolu is best matched with fruity white wines of low-alcohol feeble-body red wines. If the Casizolu is aged, though, it is recommended to match it with a strong bodied red wine.

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