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HORECA Products

Pane e Casu - Ho.Re.Ca

Why 'Pane e casu'

‘Pane e casu’ is the most powerful expression in Sardinian language, an expression of pure pleasure connected with a part of Sardinians’ food culture which is also a part of their ancestral spirit. More than madeleines to Proust, more than Dublin to Joyce, bread and cheese are to Sardinians as an undeniable part of their daily life as air or water, the a sacred and profane deity watching on their deeds. Beyond the magic that stems from the union of yeast and flour, milk and rennet, lies a thousand-year tradition of divine origin, passed down from our ancestors to us.

For Sardinians, ‘su paneccasu’ is connected to the ancient tradition of intimately sharing loafs of oven-baked crunchy bread and slices of juicy cheese around a table together. To this ultimate symbol of the islanders’ food culture Sardinia Food District dedicated three AperiKits meant to help people working in the food industry in Italy and abroad tell the story beyond our cheese and bread and make their customers understand the spirit of our people. We want it to become everyone’s spirit: bread and cheese to live long and prosper, bread and cheese to settle your body and heart.

Ask us info about MeuTou and Issoro, Sardinia Food District’s AperiKit dedicated to bars and restaurants.


Our AperiKits

AperiKits are intimately connected with our strive to bring Sardinian food products to world prominence and engage younger generations especially, meeting their demand of organic, short-supply-chain food and reaching out to them through unformal channels. That is why we chose not only restaurants, but also bars and nightclubs to propose our products.

Through our brand Pane e Casu we wish to renew tradition bringing people more knowledge and consciousness about the hidden treasure our food traditions enclose, with the help of those who work in the food industry. Our AperiKits comprise cheeses and traditional baking products from Sardinia: contact us to discover more about our solutions and pricing.

Aperikit "Meu"

with matching basket

Cestino circolare porta formaggi

Sacchetto porta pane

Pane Carasau e gallette

Casizolu del Montiferru - Presidio Slow Food

Pecorino di Osilo - Presidio Slow Food



Aperikit "Tou"

with matching cutting board

Tagliere porta pane e formaggio

Pane Carasau e gallette

Casizolu del Montiferru - Presidio Slow Food

Pecorino di Osilo - Presidio Slow Food



About cheese & bread in Sardinian culture

A long-term presence on peasants’ tables, it was in the Middle Ages that cheese started to carve itself a space also in the sophisticated dishes served to aristocracy. Thanks to the work of monks, who spread a new eating model including milk-based products, cheese began to be used in lieu of meat and fish during ritual fasting days. In this historic age, such days covered indeed almost a third of the year, preventing people from eating animal-sourced proteins most of their time.

Making a virtue of necessity, cheese became the protagonist of many culinary experiments and a very valuable currency of exchange. Still today, the milk given by the sheep right after their babies are born is given as a present to neighbours and friends by the shepherd’s family in exchange for a prayer for their dead. Selling this milk is considered a grievous act that brings bad luck to all the flock.

Sardinians’ knowledge of baking and cheesemaking is vast and ancient. Bread, in particular, is considered one of their main cultural skills. Together with cheese, it is an undeniable presence in the islanders’ daily life and it is tightly connected with the inner rhythm of seasons and animals. To Sardinians, shepherd’s life is the one to long for, because as they say ‘who eats cheese has golden teeth’.

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