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Our concept

Sardinia Food District stems from different kind of professionals who teamed up to accomplish the ambitious mission of bringing the deepest spirit of Sardinia to the consumer’s table, regardless of where he or she is. We tried to carve an intimate place out of the aloof universe of the world wide web and welcome people there as if they were entering their favourite neighbourhood shop, whose owner is a living encyclopaedia of the products he sells and always strives to get you more into them. The centre of our online food district is represented by bread and wine, Pane e casu, the core of Sardinian food culture.

We gathered on this website the best of artisanal Sardinian food to increase our customers’ knowledge about raw materials, production processes and the tireless study that’s beyond the final products. We support a short food supply chain that allows us to guarantee high quality standards and tell you about the passion behind every wheel of cheese and the history of the Sardinian district whence it came.

Here we unravel the meaning of the name Sardinia Food District: we wish to become the spokesmen and spokeswomen of the districts that make up the rich diversity of Sardinian food culture and be the benchmark for those who seek to make our culinary traditions go on, preserving our most famous products from counterfeiting and the least known from oblivion, retrieving them from the little borroughs where they strive to survive. We wish to take each and every ancient recipe in Sardinian gastronomy and make it the protagonist of the spotlight, allowing consumers to become more conscious about its preciousness. We reckon that this is the only way to make this culture part of everyone’s daily life and protect our cultural diversity from homologation.

Our group

As in fairytales, our history stems from a vision: our vision was to renew people’s knowledge about Sardinia allowing them to become familiar with a far wider range of products than the one described on manuals and sold in supermarkets. Everyone knows Pecorino sardo – they tasted it when they were here on vacation or at least heard something about it on a TV programme about Italian most refined cheeses – but what about Ircano, Gioddu or Casizolu? There is a boundless universe of outstanding products which, still today, are little known in Italy, let alone abroad.

We heard the call of Fate and felt the urge to fight against the oblivion such ancient knowledge is undergoing and celebrate all the beautiful products made by Sardinian shepherds. We wanted to give relevance to local identities and impede that this rich variety was levelled down by mainstream clichés.

It is no easy task, but we have all we need on our side: the hands of our artisans and the thoughts of the people who wished to give them a new space in the world. We’re positive that the outstanding raw materials on one side and the extensive expertise in web communication on the other will enable us to bring craftsmanship back to the spotlight. Past and present traditions will thus walk together towards a sacred mission: defending the right to eat well.