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Caprino pasta cruda

Raw-paste goat cheese


When you talk about goat cheeses in Sardinia, you’re talking about raw-paste goat cheese: a fat cheese, with short, medium or long ageing, presenting a compact, quite hard, markedly eyed paste. The milk used in the production of this cheese is rich with herbal scents and with all the branches and brushwood eaten by goats in their natural environment.

This raw-paste goat cheese is likely to be appreciated by those who enjoy exploring new savours and facing intense food challenges: a perfect choice to serve your guests a cutting board with mixed Sardinian cheeses. Bring it on!

History, features and production area of raw-paste goat cheese

As the name says, this cheese is produced out of raw whole goat’s milk processed straight after milking. Goats were the first animals to be bred in Sardinia in ancient times and it was mainly thanks to them that the inhabitants of the island could earn themselves a living. Moreover, this stubborn and steadfast animal proved itself very useful indeed, because it eats invasive plant species, cleaning up fields to be cultivated by men.

Traditionally, the raw-paste goat cheese’s production starts with heating milk up to 35-37 degrees Celsius and then inoculating it with rennet. The curd is then broken into grains the size of rice and once again heated up at 40°C. The paste is thus manually pressed into twig baskets and eventually salted without the usage of brine.

The wheels thus obtained show a soft pale-yellow crust, darkening up when ageing proceeds. Paste also turns from a soft consistency into a harder one, as well as the colour changes from white to ivory. Eyeing remains quite sparse in every ageing stage, with little though marked eyes.

Cheese & wine: how to use and match raw-paste goat cheese

The best way to fully enjoy a raw-paste goat cheese is to savour it alone or matching it with a raw rye bread. You will then be able to appreciate its intense, herbal scents at their best.

If you are not so familiar with this kind of taste, we recommend you to use it carefully to enrich your mixed salads. Conoisseurs may try this cheese to make creative dumplings or reinvent traditional Sardinian desserts. Our advice is to match it with fruity white wines, which can balance its fat component.

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