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Your benchmark marketplace for Sardinian cheese&bread

An essential ingredient of many a modern and ancient recipe, Sardinian cheese is capable of shedding the noblest light even on the most frugal table. And - no pun intended - this product doesn't fear ageing: fresh or aged, natural or seasoned, it captures all the five senses with the soothing language of a thousand-year old tradition.
The aim of Sardinia Food District is to unravel this magical formula binding food together tightly with the territory where it is produced, and explain it to customers both in Italy and abroad. Still today, the immense variety of Sardinian cheeses is indeed scarsely known outside our beautiful island, apart from a few products, such as Pecorino sardo, which are cherished from the four corners of the earth.
We'd love to make you savour, together with bread and cheese, the history of our land and tradition. Sardinia Food District is not just an online shop, but a formative guide to conscious consumption and a virtual discovery of the places we were born. Do you fancy a tour?


One of a kind, a kind for everyone

Not sure where to start? Browse through our 100% organic goat, cow and sheep cheeses and discover our choice of fresh products made in compliance with very ancient traditions by our network of local producers. We have personally tasted each and every one of them!

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